Cambridge Lower Secondary

What is Ivy Academy?

Ivy Academy is an online Distance Education Provider for learners who are studying towards the National Senior Certificate qualification (the NSC “Matric”), Cambridge Lower Secondary, Cambridge IGCSE©, and Cambridge AS/A level.

What is Cambridge Lower Secondary?

Cambridge Lower Secondary is ideally suited to students aged 13-15. This is simply a guideline, there are no age restrictions on our course. It takes  two years to complete, and is done at the same time as regular GDE or IEB schooling.

How do we prepare learners for the Cambridge Lower Secondary tests?

Our experienced online teaching experts have designed progressive learning online lessons. Our unique daily online assessments assess the student on their cognitive level, and grows with our candidates. In addition to our prescribed Cambridge endorsed course resources, learners receive access to informative e-books custom designed for our Cambridge  Lower Secondary courses by our team of dedicated educators.

What can our Cambridge Lower Secondary tests be used for?

To help learners understand more about their strengths and growth areas at the end of Cambridge Lower Secondary, and prior to upper secondary education.

• To help teachers, parents and learners identify strengths and growth areas, which can then act as a basis for cooperative action planning.

• To enable teachers and schools to help learners make the most of their educational opportunities.

• To provide schools and learners an international benchmark of learner performance to identify and address learning needs.

Which subjects do we offer?

English (Home Language / First Language)



How will the course be presented?

Cambridge Lower Secondary is a series of assessments designed to assess learners at the end of the Cambridge Lower Secondary programme. Ivy Academy’s Cambridge  Lower Secondary prepares learners for these assessments, and is offered in two streams, a full-time stream and a supplementary stream. 

Both streams span 2-years and cover English (Home language), Mathematics and Science as a bridging course between Cambridge Lower Secondary and the Cambridge IGCSE®  curriculum as offered by Ivy Academy.



Processor & Ram

Laptop or desktop computer with a 2.0Ghz processor, with 4GB of memory (RAM)

Webcam and Microphone

Webcam and microphone to participate in live classes

Operating System

Windows 7

Document Software

Microsoft Office, Open Office, or Google Docs for assignments.

Web browser

Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browser

Internet Speed

Internet access with 10mbps download speed, and 2mbps upload speed. Fibre, Wi-Fi or LTE
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