Extracurricular Programmes

Understanding the need to broaden your horizon.  Ivy Academy provides you with the advantage of gaining career skills through extracurricular programmes.  These programmes include: Digital music production, Radio Club, Journalism Club and Online Chess.

Digital Music Production

Radio Club


Online Chess

Android App Development

The Ivy Academy Radio Sessions and Ivy Academy Radio Hour

Ivy Academy Radio Hour

Connecting, sharing, engaging, and learning. That’s what the IVY Academy Radio learning
sessions offer all Ivy Academy learners as we delve into the world of radio, music, content and being a presenter!

Using the power of online learning and engagement as well as three world class radio studios in Sandton, Durban and Arcadia. Ivy Academy learners will receive weekly and introduction into the world of broadcasting, content and online media on a weekly basis.



Chess Club

Benefit of being apart of the Ivy Academy Chess Club

Ivy Academy is giving learners from any school the opportunity to take part in our world-class

chess club. Unlike the conventional approach to extra-curricular activities offered in physical

schools, we at Ivy Academy view our chess programme as an additional subject, where learners

are able to learn life skills that set them apart.