The best things about IVY ACADEMY

Ivy Academy has the most loving and caring teachers, who are highly qualified in the subjects they teach. They are supportive and encouraging and motivate all students to do their very best.

The love and nurture inspired by the teachers has impact on all the students. We all care about each other sincerely and it is a privilege to learn about each other’s personalities, likes and dislikes. We all feel as if we are one big family with all the different characters and personalities that a very big family would have.

Ivy Academy is a school that makes students happy to be educated every morning. The uniform is casual black and white clothes, which makes us feel special, unique and proud.

The educational system of using “TMS” is very helpful as I can always go back and do revision on the computer on work I did not understand. This also teaches me independence for the success of my future.

Tsakani Mabasa
Grade 11



Why I chose Ivy Academy

When I decided to come to South Africa, I was worried about which school I would attend to fulfill my expectations for my future. Luckily I found Ivy Academy. The best school ever accepted me warmly. I feel secure and safe at Ivy Academy and feel as if my peers are all part of my family.  The education system is great. We can teach ourselves on TMS which teaches us to take responsibility for our own studies. The students are caring and helpful and the teachers are friendly and encouraging. They do all they can to help the students. I am very happy to be at this awesome school.

Yeabnesh Fikadu
Grade 11



Why is it good decision to choose Ivy Academy as a school

Ivy Academy is not a high school; it is more of a home away from home. The students feel comfortable and have the love and support from the teachers. The education is incredible because you achieve much more than what you did in previous schools; you have people that show you your hidden potential that other schools did not see.

Teachers are committed and do not treat you like students – more like their own children. The teachers do not teach for the sake of teaching; they teach because they love it and it’s shown through the discipline and hard work that both students and teachers do.

Ivy Academy is an amazing high school as the people in this school are all like family. There is a lot of hard work to be done, but this high school shows you more beyond academics. It shows you ways of expressing yourself and being confident in simply being you.

Kiona Naidoo
Grade 10


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