Revolutionary extra tuition support school


Ivy Academy has launched a revolutionary extra tuition support school for high school students in South Africa


How does it work?

  • Students register and pay a monthly membership
  • Minimal cost in comparison to a private extra tuition support
  • Membership affords the student the opportunity to attend at a tuition centre

At the tuition centre students will have the luxury of:

  • World class tuition
  • Taking advantage of the opportunity to sharpen your skills by using diagnostics and “drill” to improve your knowledge
  • Identifying which aspects you are already familiar with and what specifically needs improvement
  • Asking experts in the field to explain your queries and identify what you do not understand

Benefit from:

  • An environment which is conducive to learning, studying and excellence
  • An environment where you can discuss, debate and share your course work with fellow learners from other institutions
  • A library to keep focused, motivated and ambitious.


For more information call  (011) 551-9111 or email         


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