Ivy Academy selected in Top 6 schools in the 2017 CFO Charter Quest Junior Competition

Congratulations to Team Ivy which was selected as one of the Top 6 schools in the 2017 CFO Charter Quest Junior Competition. This is an incredible achievement as there were 260 team entrants from the nine provinces of South Africa.

Sizwe Msimango, Moshe Brill and Yaakov Brill (affectionately known as The Brill Brothers) make up the dynamic team called Team Ivy, from Ivy Academy in Johannesburg. When the CFO Competition was launched, these vibrant and self-motivated young people naturally gravitated to one another to form a team. It is their passion and business acumen that provides the common bond between them, and instils in them the impetus to rise to challenges. Team Ivy members succeeded in honing their theoretical knowledge by applying it practically to a case study. In the future, they hope to challenge the status quo and bring about significant change where it is needed. They recognise that the world is advancing rapidly, and progressive solutions urgently need to be sought and implemented in the business environment.

The “Leader” of Team Ivy is Sizwe Msimango, the person who succeeds in bringing everything together. Moshe Brill is the “Thinker”, the one with the specialist knowledge who is able to apply it to practical situations. Yaakov Brill is the “Challenger”, as he provides alternatives to conventional thought. Yaakov also facilitates team cohesion and harmony. 




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