It’s all systems go for Boston’s new state-of-the-art high school

It will still have a blackboard and a teacher. There will also be chairs and desks; paper and pens. But don’t go looking for further traditional classroom paraphernalia because the soon-to-open Ivy Academy is not going to be that type of high school. 

“We believe in an education system that is contemporary, innovative and progressive,” says Craig Stollard, head of Ivy Academy. “We will be teaching learners via methods and tools that reflect the modern world we are living in. Old wisdom and knowledge is in – but so is state-of-the-art technology.”

Ivy Academy is the latest offering in the Boston City Campus and Business College stable. Boston was founded in 1991 to help Unisa commerce students pass their examinations. From an initial six Unisa students, Boston has grown to the present 25 000 learners studying towards one of 80 qualifications available at 48 colleges nationwide. There’s also the Boston Media House in Sandton that focuses solely on media studies and has produced well-known names such as DJ Fresh.

Responding to the demand for what Stollard calls “a priceless education at an affordable price”, Ivy Academy will be open in January 2012. The academy kicks off with Grades 10 and 11 next year, adding Grade 12 the following year.
‘Blended education’ is the term given to the type of education the Ivy Academy will be offering, which, according to Stollard is becoming increasingly popular.

“A primary goal of high school education is to ensure that learners achieve the best possible academic results,” says Stollard. “This will enable them to register at any tertiary institution in any field of their choice and make it possible for them to become employable and ultimately happy, self-sustaining members of society.”

Ivy Academy recognises that many students, even those who are most capable, don’t reach their potential because of possible obstacles within the present educational system. It has thus integrated the best of current educational systems with “the multi-media potential of the future”.  

“As research shows that new millennium learners are multi-media inclined, it makes no sense to subject them to a one-dimensional world,” Stollard explains. “We advocate incorporating technology-based learning together with tried and tested educational methodologies. Excellent teachers in front of a class can motivate and support learners to achieve - even more so when they communicate new knowledge in ways that our high-tech young people are comfortable with.”

Adhering to the National Curriculum Statement, Ivy Academy will be offering: English (Home Language), Afrikaans (First Additional Language), Zulu (First Additional language), Mathematics, Maths Literacy, Life Sciences, Physical Science, Geography, History, Accounting Business Studies, Economics and Life Orientation. Computer Studies will be compulsory.

“Besides completing a matric qualification, learners will leave our academy with a Computer Studies certificate,” says Stollard. “ This is to equip learners for the demands of our technologically advanced world.”

On a typical day at Ivy Academy, learners attend traditional teacher-in-front-of-classroom sessions and work through specially developed manuals and interactive lessons on their individual PCs under the watchful eye of qualified teachers. This way learners are monitored, yet work at own pace so they need never feel bored or ‘left behind’. If they have been absent, it is also easier for them to catch up. 

Learners write tests twice a week so parents can receive a weekly report; Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) exams are written in November/December every year.

Other features of Ivy Academy include winter school in June/July and a study skills seminar every January. The seminar will teach learners study skills, introduce teachers and the Academy’s schooling system as well as explain progression and GDE exam requirements.

Registrations are open for Boston’s Ivy Academy in Orange Grove; parents are invited to get more information and to apply by phoning (011) 551-2111 for an appointment. 

Boston’s new Ivy Academy at a glance: 

Top, qualified teachers

Interactive media supplements teacher instruction 

Pilot run during winter holidays 2011 delivered excellent results 

Flexible structure so each learner can focus on specific subjects where they have additional needs

Interactive technology revision in each subject 

Teachers are able to devote much of their attention and energy to intensive remediation

Gauteng Department of Education(GDE) exams and term schedules apply

Comprehensive manuals of instruction supplement and enhance learning  

Safe environment, conveniently located

English medium of instruction 

Motto of the school is “Tomorrow is mine”



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