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Why Ivy Academy?

 Ivy Academy offers all students: 

  • Technology-based learning. This must not be confused with e-learning or any wizardry that this may imply. There are no gimmicks that can result in faster learning or enhanced retention. All learning involves commitment and attention to the task at hand, in other words, hard work. However, the medium of education can be adapted to enhance learning and retention.
  • Ivy Academy’s technology-based learning offers the instruction process of education on the computer. Material for all subjects is available to our students using our Interactive technology based tuition. This instruction is not limited to content but includes examination and study techniques and even focuses on difficult aspects of the curriculum. A distinct advantage of this approach is that students can pause and even rewind for clarification. If students are not confident about previous sections they can even have access to these almost immediately.
  • Fully developed manuals of instruction. These should not be confused with text books which are supplementary to the instruction process. Our manuals are completely comprehensive and have been designed to enhance the learning process. Included in the manual are exercises for practice and personal assessment and even exercises that are to be submitted to teachers for assessment.
  • Interactive computer questions. Following instruction of each section, students are required to complete the computer interactive questions that assess their understanding. This addresses the remediation aspect of education. If students find that they have not mastered the section they can return to it in the instruction video and manual and redo it. There is no need for any student to attend extra lessons in any subject as what they need is immediately on hand at the press of a button.
  • A virtual laboratory. In traditional classroom settings, the number and scope of scientific experimentations are limited. A virtual laboratory has the potential to remove these restrictions as the variety of experimentation is unlimited. In addition, each learner has individual access to the virtual laboratory.
  • Expert teachers with track records of excellence. A computer cannot motivate or inspire a student. The human aspect of education is essential to provide ongoing support and guidance. The human aspect is also essential to provide an education framework that is holistic and integrated. Only a teacher can give detailed and specific feedback to a student regarding particular aspects of the curriculum.


In addition to what Ivy Academy offers students there are additional benefits:

  • If teachers are absent, students’ progress need never be compromised again. They may simply continue with the technology-based instruction and interactive questions until the teacher returns.
  • Similarly if learners are unable to attend school for whatever reason, their learning will not be compromised as they may simply continue with the instruction methodology and interactive questions when they return.
  • If teachers are freed of the instruction aspect of education because of Ivy Academy’s integrated approach to education, our teachers are able to devote all their attention and energy to intensive remediation and not only instruction.

  • Parents will receive weekly updated reports of what was covered in each subject and how their children progressed with any assessments that week. In addition, parents will be informed of upcoming assessments and any significant events. Ivy Academy believes that parents are vital stakeholders in their children’s education and, as such, should be made aware of their day to day advancement.
  • Ivy Academy has a fluid timetable that removes the rigidity of structured time allocation. This has been designed to allow students to spend more time on subjects in which they are experiencing difficulty. A spin-off of this approach is that students are developed and encouraged to take the initiative and be personally responsible for their own education and advancement.
  • Ivy Academy offers compulsory Computer Studies as a subject. In addition to completing secondary education with a matriculation qualification, learners will leave with a Computer Studies certificate. This is to equip learners for the demands of our technologically advanced world.
  • In addition to living in a technological advanced world, we also live in a world of diverse cultures, religions and races. Inherent in all Ivy Academy’s objectives is a belief in respect and tolerance of differences.



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