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Study Skills Introductory Seminar

The Study Skills Introductory Seminar is a vital component of Ivy Academy. Many learners do not achieve to their full potential because of test and examination technique limitations. The purpose of this seminar is to identify the specific techniques per subject that are needed for learners to accomplish certain standards. Learners’ test and examination techniques will also be continuously monitored in order for them to achieve to the best of their abilities.

The Study Skills Introductory Seminar will be held in January each year. The seminar will include, amongst other items, an introduction to the educators in each subject; study skills overview; structuring study methods via a Blended Model of Education; general information regarding registration with the GDE and examination requirements. 

At this Introductory Seminar learners will receive their study packs which will contain the following:

  • Teachers’ names and their contact details.
  • The curriculum content of all the subjects for which learners have enrolled. This will include a manual in each subject.
  • A list of assignments/tasks that need to be competed during the year in preparation for the final examinations.
  • A planner per subject to assist learners in remaining up to date with their studies.
  • An Ivy Academy back pack for study material.
  • An Ivy Academy t-shirt.


Teacher contact time

The entire curriculum per subject has been developed in the form of a manual and visual material. However Ivy Academy recognises that this might be insufficient in order for learners to achieve to their full potential. For this reason, teachers will present lessons once or twice a week. The purpose of these lessons is to assist learners with the following:

  • The structuring of progress through each subject. This will ensure that the syllabus requirements are completed with enough time for revision for examinations.
  • Assistance with more difficult concepts.
  • Revision of concepts that may not have been mastered.
  • Provision of any remediation that may be necessary.
  • Provision of support and encouragement.

 The following subjects will have lessons with teachers for two hours each week:

  • English
  • Afrikaans
  • Zulu
  • Mathematics
  • Maths Literacy
  • Physical Science
  • Accounting

 The following subjects will have lessons with teachers for an hour every week:

  • Geography
  • History
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Life Orientation
  • Life Sciences

In addition to the teachers that will be presenting these lessons, there will be staff members constantly present to assist any learners with immediate problems or questions. These teachers are well equipped to assist learners with their concerns.


Winter School Programme

This will be held in June/July each year and will include Revision Programmes in each subject for each grade. Extensive feedback will be given on the tasks/assignments that have been completed during the year. Past examinations will also be examined in detail.


Cycle tests

Cycle tests will be written twice a week on a Tuesday and a Thursday. These are compulsory and learners will have to present a doctor’s certificate if they are absent for the test.

A cycle test programme will be given to each learner at the beginning of each term.



The number of tasks/assignments that need to be completed is determined by the subject specific requirements of the GDE. These requirements will be set out for learners in their curriculum material. Tasks/assignments will be assessed by teachers and returned to learners with detailed feedback. This will assist learners in their preparation for the examinations as they will be familiar with the types of questions that will be asked and how marks are allocated.


Ivy Academy has learner advisors who are available to assist and advise. This could be advice about specific subjects or how to choose subjects in Grade 10 in order to qualify for University Exemption.


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