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Curriculum Information

The Ivy Academy material has been developed in order to facilitate Blended Learning and enable all learners to achieve to their optimal potential.

Each learner receives a manual per subject that will cover the entire National Curriculum Statement. This includes all the Learning Outcomes and Assessment Standards, as well as the new CAPS adaptations to each curriculum. In each workbook is a selection of tasks with answers, for learners to monitor their own progress, as well as additional tasks that will be submitted to educators for assessment in accordance with the National Assessment Documents.

This includes tasks for Continuous Assessment (CASS) or School Based Assessment (SBA) and additional tasks that can be recorded to document learners’ progress. For revision purposes, interactive computer assessments have been developed. The learners’ results will be monitored carefully to identify possible intervention strategies and also to provide parents with ongoing feedback.

In addition, all learners will have access to the visual presentation of each lesson per subject in accordance with the National Curriculum Statement. Material for all subjects is available to our students using our Interactive technology based tuition. This will enable learners to work through every lesson at their own pace. This Technology Learning Based Programme has, as its objective, the enhancement and refinement of the learning process. 

Learners will be required to purchase English, Afrikaans and Zulu (if it is a subject of choice) literary setworks for their year of study.

Other subject teachers may recommend additional textbooks for practice and enrichment exercises. These textbooks, however, are not compulsory.

In 2012 the following setworks will be studied (these are subject to change in future years):



Grade 10

Athol Fugard:   Master Harold and the Boys

George Orwell: Animal Farm

Grade 11

Norman Hodge: To Kill a Man’s Pride

F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby

Grade 12

Arthur Miller: The Crucible

F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby



Grade 10

There are no prescribed books. Literature requirements are included in the manual of instruction.

Grade 11

Adinda Vermaak: Woordreisie

Verhaal bindle saamgestel deur Charles Fryer: Kinders van die aarde

Grade 12

Lucas Malan: Versjoernaal – ‘n nuwe benadering tot poesie’.

J. P. en Ria Smuts:  Storiejoernaal – ‘n nuwe benadering tot prosa’.



Grade 10

D. Z. Ntuli: izinyembezi zothando (Short stories)

Grade 11

N. Zulu: Usiko Nelungelo (Drama)

Grade 12

N. Zulu: Umshado (Novel)



Grade 12

Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) Examinations will be written in October/November every year. The GDE examinations provide access to all South African Universities and overseas Universities. These examinations are fully accredited as they have been moderated by the national authority, Umalusi.

Grade 10 and Grade 11

GDE or internally set exams will be written in October/November every year.

Examination results

Grade 12:  These results will be published by the media towards the end of December or beginning of January each year.

Grade 10 and Grade 11: These examination papers will be assessed by the educators of Ivy Academy and a statement of results will be posted to each learner by mid December each year.


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