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Choosing a school for children can be fraught with confusion and uncertainty. Parents are often overwhelmed with the marketing strategies of the various institutions that are available and even spending time at specific schools’ Open Days can lead to doubt and indecision.

In order to choose a school effectively the goals and processes of education need to be considered.

  • The goal of education for most parents must surely be that their children achieve the best possible results academically in order for them to be employable and ultimately self-sustaining and productive members of society. Included in this goal is the potential for all children to sustain fulfilling and meaningful lives.
  • The processes of education are numerous and relative within various contexts. Common to all contexts, though, are the processes of instruction, understanding, assessment, remediation, retention of knowledge and concepts and finally assimilation.

Ivy Academy has been developed over five years. During this time the goals and processes of education have been researched and been integrated into an education system that is contemporary, innovative and progressive.

An education system also needs to assess the context in which it is functioning. Our world is advancing at an unprecedented rate and all students need to be equipped with the technological skills that will enable them to be functional within a global village.


What we offer:-

Grade 8 - 12 

Grade 11 & 12 Maths and Science Support Programme

Matric Upgrade Programme


Maths support from our tutors on a daily basis during the week from 2pm until 7pm. Students will have the luxury of being able to WhatsApp, Facebook or email our tutors at any time between 2pm and 7pm.